Accounting is the "language of business", so this course focuses on financial accounting, which provides financial information primarily for decision-makers outside the entity. This financial information is provided to external decision-makers primarily by means of general-purpose financial statements of income results, financial position, and cash s.
The course concentrates on the application of accounting theory, standards, principles, and procedures to accounting problems. Financial reporting is concerned with the form and content of the financial information disclosed by firms to stakeholders, especially external parties (e.g. shareholders, financial analysts

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Controlling costs is the number one challenge for all hospitality managers. In this course, students
learn the ins and outs of the cost control process, by developing and analyzing methods for food
costs, inventory, budgets, and labor expenses. Students will also study the importance of
maintaining proper purchasing, receiving, storing and portion control. This course focuses on key
competencies and covers essential communication, financial, and problem solving skills